Friday, January 22, 2016

If choice I had

If choice I had,
I swear I wouldn't be here 
If choice was real,
We'd be exactly where we were before
...cold, lonely; passion free 
If choice I had,
I wouldn't give now all of me 
Knowing full well it serves another 
If choice I had,
I'd lock and hide my soul now 
Knowing full well, it serves me no longer...


I am not lost nor am I found
I open up this wound of mine
For more beloved torture
For I can't shut these gates
These wondrous gates
now open to my soul
For you to love or mar
As you may take such fancy
They're open, passage is clear 
A standing invitation, banquet halls 
Song and dance, all just for you
To walk inside I hope with love
Yet you may come with weapons 
Your full artillery, to maim to injure
All the same...the gates are open,
You alone hold the eternal keys.

The force

I wish I could just walk away
I wish it daily now
I wish my soul could just endure;
The ripping of this force.

I crave our closeness now;
With every second 
and second in between
My thoughts are captive to you

Breath in; the air without you
Is Un-nurturing, unkind.
Breath out; the pain sets in,
Unnatural, debilitating ache.

I tried to force myself to go
All say it's better that way.
Dear god, my feet won't carry me!
Souls intertwined dictate,
...bodies and hearts obey.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Goddess of Desire

Speak now, onto the goddess of desire 
For she shall hear your plea 
And do be wise, to choose your words
Made only of ambrosial honey 
For she is captious in her tastes
And bids you worship on herself 
With most eloquent words of yearning 
And of undying love.

Friday, October 9, 2015


Oh patience...
I wish I knew you better
I wish I could make love to you
Most tenderly and sweet.
But sadly though,
My pulse has quickened
My thoughts; exploding in a storm.
I am a shell of my zen self,
No patience...I don't know you.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Your Own

Do not be
Envious of others lives,
For they
Will envy you tenfold!
And do not dream
of spoils of others,
for you hold gold of yours.
Do not forget
that you are master
in your own domain.
And wish not to pretend
to live within another.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

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